Shiekh Zahoor Ahmad, Arsheed Iqbal, Haider Ali Quraishi, Afroza Jan, Naquib ul Islam, Shamim Ahmad Rather

Journal: Scholars International Journal Of Traditional And Complementary Medicine
Year: 2021


Unani system of medicine is based on the theory of Mizaj and Akhlat which is considered as the basics of Unani therapeutics. Mizaj is defined as the admixture of four humours (Akhlat), the quantity and quality of which determines the particular Mizaj of an individual. Every individual has its own unique Mizaj (temperament), hence reacts to various internal and external stimuli viz.air, water, diet, drug, climate, emotions, body reactions etc. differently according to temperament. Hence, Mizaj plays an important role in diagnosis and treatment of any disease. Since, Hypothyroidism is considered as one of the most common endocrine disorders in which patient has somnolence, fatigue, cold intolerance, constipation, loss of libido, gain in weight etc. According to the classical texts of Unani Medicine, it is the concentration, quality and quantity of humours which forms the base and cause of health and disease in an individual. As per Unani doctrine, Mar’d (Disease) is caused either due to Su’ Mizaj (abnormal temperament), Su’tarkib( abnormal composition/structure) or Taffaruk Ittesal (discontinuity).This study was conducted at Regional Research Institute of Unani Medicine, University of Kashmir ,Srinagar Jammu & Kashmir to evaluate the Mizaj (Temperament) of patients of Hypothyroidism. Out of 60 patients enrolled for the study, 52 (86.6%) were Balghami, 03 (5%) were Damwi, 05 (8.3%) were Safravi and none was of Sawdawi Mizaj. Thus, it was evident that Hypothyroidism is more common in Balghami Mizaj patients.


Mizaj, Humours, Unani, Hypothyroidism, Mar’d, Temperament

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