Mohammed Aref Abdul Rasheed, Murtaza M. Junaid Farooque, Haridas S. Acharya, Mohammed Sharique A. Quadri

Journal: Emerging Science Journal
Year: 2021


In medicine, it is well known that healthy individuals have different physical and mental characteristics. Ancient Indian medicine, Ayurveda and the Persian-Arabic traditional Unani medicine has two distinct approaches for the classification of human subjects according to their temperaments. The individual temperament is an important foundation for personalized medicine, which can help in the prevention and treatment of many diseases including COVID-19. This paper attempts to explore the relationship of the utmost important concepts of these systems called individual temperament named as Prakruti in Ayurveda and Mizaj in Unani practice using mathematical modelling. The results of mathematical modelling can be adopted expediently for the development of algorithms that can be applied in medical informatics. For this, a significant literature review has been carried out. Based on the previous researchers’ reviews the essential parameters have been identified for making the relationship and hypothesis were framed. The mathematical modelling was adopted to propose the existence of the relationship between the parameters of such an ancient and rich medicine systems. The hypotheses are validated through the mathematic driven model.


Temperament, Medical Informatics, Alternative Medicine, Unani Mizaj, Ayurvedic Prakruti, Prakriti, Ayurveda, Unani, Individual Difference

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