Naushad Alam, Mohd Nasir

Journal: The Pharma Innovation Journal
Year: 2020


Background & Objectives: Mizaj (temperament) is one of the unique concepts of Unani system of medicine, by which the Unani physicians explain the properties of different types of individuals, properties of Drugs and pathophysiology of different diseases. Mizaj has an important role in diagnosis and treatment in Unani System of medicine. So the aim of the study was to find out the relationship between the body weight/ (BMI) and the Mizaj of an individual.

Methods: This study was an observational study. Hundred healthy volunteers were selected as per inclusion and exclusion criteria and allocated into four groups as per Ajnas-e-Ashra. The subjects of all Mizaj categories were assessed for height, weight and BMI.

Results: The study found that 42 subjects were of Mizaj Damvi, 36 Balghami, 22 Safravi, and no volunteers have been reported from Saudavi humours. Amongst 42 Damvi volunteers, 4 were under weight, 26 were normal, 10 were pre obese, 1 were obese class I category and 1 belonged to obese class II category. Of the 36 Balghami volunteers 7 were under weight, 19 were normal, and 9 belonged to pre obese 1 were obese class I. There were total 22 Safravi volunteers 20 were normal weight, 2 were pre obese and none belonged to underweight, obese class I, obese class II, obese class III category.

Conclusion: The Study showed that there were variations in various demographic parameters such as height, weight and BMI in various Mizaj categories.


Mizaj, temperament, height, weight, BMI, unani system of medicine

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