Mohd Abu Bakar, Tariq Nadeem Khan, Shariq Shamsi, Mohd Zulkifle

Journal: International Journal of Herbal Medicine

Year: 2017


Unani System of Medicine (USM) holds the doctrines that, Mawalid-e- Thalatha (All three Creatures) are made up of four basic constituents, and the mutual combination of these four primordial substances in the constitution of creatures occurs in a specific quantity and state. Structural and functional variation denoted by Unani physicians in terms of Mizaj (temperament) which is related to dominant Rukn (primary constituent) present in compound. The Mizaj of the human body is determined by all three vital organs (Brain, Heart and Liver); hence maintenance of Mutadil Mizaj (appropriate temperament) of these organs warrants the healthy status of the human body.This study intended to validate the Mizaj of brain by estimation of moisture content in three vital organs (Brain, Heart and Liver) of three Animal species (Chicken, Goat and Buffalo).Twenty seven samples obtained, three samples of each vital organs of each species to estimate the moisture content.


Mizaj, Brain, Vital organ, Rutubat

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