Hakim Ajmal Khan

Masih ul Mulk Hakim Ajmal Khan (1868-1927) Hakim Ajmal Khan is considered as one of the 100 great Muslim leaders of the 20th century. History claims of very few multifaceted individuals who were illustrious physicians, theologists, great statesmen, educationists and poets, all woven together. Masih ul Mulk Hakim Ajmal Khan [...]

Baha al-Dawlah Razi

Baha al-Dawlah Razi ibn Sirāj al-Dīn Sh āh Qāsim ibn Muammad al- usayn ī Nūrbakhsh ī (d. 1508 AD), also known as Bah ā' al-Dawlah Nūrbakhsh ī Razi or al-Nūrī, was an influential late mediecal Persian physician. He was born in the village of Tursht, in the vicinity of the [...]

Mansur ibn Elyas Shirazi

Elyasi family Shiraz is a city in the south of Iran, has been one of the centers of science and research in medical sciences from the 8th to the 19th centuries. It has a reputation for being the origin and home of famous doctors and academics, schools, libraries and hospitals. [...]

A History of the 1918 Spanish In_uenza Pandemic and its Impact on Iran

Introduction the term in_uenza has an Italian origin meaning ‘in_uence’ which is derived from the Latin word “in_uential” meaning ‘in _ow’ or ‘_ow into’. The word in_uenza “arose during the 15th century where an epidemic of the disease was ascribed to the in- uence [in_uenza] of the stars”. In the [...]

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Anesthesia in Ancient Iran

There are many references in ancient Iranian literature on anesthesia, analgesia and pain.  Two main cultural eras are defined in Iranian culture: pre-Islamic and Islamic. 1. Anesthesia in The PreIslamic Era of Iranian Culture Ferdowsi (فردوسی) The text of Shahnameh  (شاهنامه)appears to be a proof of the fact that general [...]

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Avicenna and Neuroscience in the Canon of Medicine

Introduction Avicenna (Ibn-e-Sı¯na¯), a Persian physician, was arguably one of the most outstanding medical scientists and practitioners ever, and had a deep influence on medical science in the golden ages of Islamic medicine (9–12th century AD) and in Europe as well. He contributed to various aspects of medicine including neurology, [...]

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Haly Abbas (949–982 AD)

Haly Abbas (Ali ibn Abbas Majusi Ahvazi) The golden age of medical sciences in the Islamic civilization spanned from the 9th to the 11th century. Medicine flourished through contributions from prominent Persian scholars such as Avicenna, Rhazes and Jorjani during this period. Ali ibn Abbas Majusi Ahvazi (علی بن عباس [...]

World Philosophy Day

Vital philosophy from the perspective of Islamic-Persian culture World Philosophy Day is an opportunity for everyone to be invited to think independently, without prejudice, with interaction and peace. Creating favorable intellectual conditions for change, development and lasting peace has always been the intellectual concern of all thinkers and reformers. Iran, [...]

History of Pharmacy in Iran

The ancient history of pharmacy in Iran History of pharmacy in Iran goes back to several centuries ago. The ancient history of pharmacy in Iran is an amalgamation of medico-pharmaceutical beliefs of Babylonians, Assyrians, inhabitants of Mesopotamian Plains as well as Greeks, Indians, Egyptians, and ancient Iranians Babylonians and Assyrians [...]

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Interaction between Iranian and Indian Medical Knowledge

The interaction of Indian and Iranian civilization The interaction of Indian and Iranian civilization has a long history. Historical evidence shows that since a very long time ago, there have been commercial and scientific relations between Iran and India and these relations expanded in the Sasanian Era. According to a [...]

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Mozaffari Hospital

According to Abu al-Abbas Mo’in al-Din Zarkub Shirazi, Mozaffari hospital was built by the order of Atabak Muzaffar al-Din Abu Bakr ibn Sa’d Zangi in the “Darwazeh Salm” area in the southeast of Shiraz (Iran) and in the “Lab Ab” neighborhood around 971 AD. This Hospital became miserable after the [...]

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A. Joveini (Al-Akhawayni), a Persian Physician

Joveini (Al-Akhawayni) Joveini (Al-Akhawayni in Persian), with the full name of “Abubakr Rabi-ibn Ahmad Akhawayni Bukhari”, was a Persian physician whose lifetime coincides with part of the “Islamic Golden Age of Medicine” (9th–12th centuries AD) in Near East. He was born in the city of Bukhara, the main intellectual center [...]

What is Persian Medicine ?

Overview of Persian Medicine Global attention to traditional medicine Since the last few decades ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) has considered the development of traditional medicine in order to implement the slogan “Health for all by the year 2000 A.D.”. The decision was based on two foundations; first, lack [...]

What is the History of Medicine ?

History of Medicine is a branch of the history of science that assesses the background of the emergence, development and transformation of medical knowledge. in other words, medical history, the study of the prevention and treatment of diseases from prehistoric and ancient times to the 21st century. Concepts of health, [...]

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